About the Course

The following information and tips are designed to help you play our course better:

Men Par 72
Women Par 73

Hole 1 Westwood Ho – Par4
(Men 331m Ladies 331m )
Boundary fence on right. Fairway slopes left. Drive over a saddle to a green protected by bunker & O/B.

Hole 2 Whaleback – Par 4
(Men 307m ladies 300m )
Drive over hill to a large green protected by a bunker 10m in front and one to the right hand side.

Hole 3 Dress Circle – Par 4
(Men 316m Ladies 251m)
This Par 4 is known as “coronary hill” which winds its way around a dogleg to the left with tree trouble to the left and a small creek to the right, and finishes with a steep climb to a tiny green cut into the side of the hill.

Hole 4 Outlook -Par 4
(Men 293m Ladies 286m )
A good drive lands on a flat area over the gully from where it is a short pitch to a green with bunkers.

Hole 5 Seaview – Par 5
(Men 498m Ladies 405m )
A straight downhill hole with boundary on right. Reachable in 2.

Hole 6 Valley – Par 4 Mens – Par 5 Ladies
(Men 372m ladies 372m )
Long hole, slightly up hill with a green bunking on each side.

Hole 7 Arena – Par 3
(Men 372m Ladies 165m )
Long, bunkered hollow with a sloping green.

Hole 8 Martins – Par 5
(Men 478m Ladies 410m )
Down hill Par 5 with trees on left to catch drive. Reachable in 2.

Hole 9 Midway – Par 4
(Men 331m Ladies 267m )
Up hill hole where good drive lands on plateau and then short iron to green on top of hill.

Hole 10 Grand national – Par 4
(Men 370m Ladies 347m )
Long par 4 with drive down hill to a hollow which leaves 150m to bunkered flat green with some tree trouble to the left and right of the fairway..

Hole 11 – Upshot – Par 4
(Men 270m Ladies 270m)
Up hill all way, well placed trees lining fairway. Bunkered sloping green for a short pitch.

Hole 12 – Dynamite – Par 5
(Men 463m Ladies 423m)
Tightest hole on course. Well tree lined. 2 good shots will reach gully where a pitch is played to a green on hill.

Hole 13 – Roadside – Par 4
(Men 304m Ladies 304m)
Short hole to a flat bunkered green with ocean views..

Hole 14 -Butts – Par 4
(Men 335m Ladies 335m)
Played along seaside with variable winds. Straight hole to sloping green.

Hole 15 – Creek – Par 3
(Men 112m Ladies 112m)
Short but tricky. Wind plays large part. Very well bunkered front & left will O/B back and right.

Hole 16 – Conway – Par 4
(Men 257m Ladies 257m)
Short but tight driving hole. Driveable. Sloping well bunkered green.

Hole 17 – Waterloo – Par 3
(Men 145m Ladies 111m)
Down hill to green, bunkered short and to left and right. No trouble at back.

Hole 18 – Home – Par 4
(Men 340m Ladies 291m)
Good finishing hole. O/B on right, Green is large & bunkered at front right. Sloping fairway to right.